» What a day of Beautiful Images!

What a day of Beautiful Images!

What a day of Beautiful Images!

Sunday we had a client drive 2 hours for a pin-up photo session with hair and make-up done by Prudence Nightingale . It had been a while since my last pin-up shoot so needless to say I was very excited for this opportunity.
When Zena arrived Prudence started on the hair and make-up and I started setting up the white seamless and lighting.

In my opinion pin-up is one of the hardest photos to pose for. With our coaching and the help of Google images, we made some amazing photos! Zena H. had the perfect outfits with her and was such a great sport as we positioned her in yoga-like poses.

“Pin-up” has evolved so much with time but I am very fond of the simple and classy photos from its origin. We are so honored Zena trusted us enough to do these for her.

Thanks again Zena!

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